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KS3 Science

At Beyond Tuition we will deliver engaging Science lessons in order to ensure students are equipped for success not only at KS3 but also for their GCSE.

We aim for students to master various skills and ideas so that they can enter KS4 with a full level of proficiency. We will provide our students with resources to help them develop their knowledge, from understanding to application.

Topics we will cover:

KS4 Science

Students will be encouraged to understand how vital Science is to the world’s future and so it is vital that they develop their curiosity by developing their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific discipline of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students will be taught to develop their scientific thinking and to evaluate methods linked to experiments, analyse and evaluate data, develop their scientific vocabulary and develop their nomenclature.

Subject content
Biology- Cell Biology, disease, co-ordination and control, photosynthesis, ecosystems, inheritance and evolution.
Chemistry: Atomic structure and the periodic table, structure, bonding and properties of matter, chemical changes, energy changes, range and extent of chemical change, chemical analysis, chemical and allied industries, earth and atmospheric science.
Physics: Energy, forces, motion, waves, electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism, the structure of matter, atomic structure and space physics.

Practice makes perfect

In a classroom you are not always given the luxury of time and space. At Beyond Tuition we offer both, so our students can brush up on essential subject matters. Our students are taught at their own pace and without the pressure of prying eyes or unexpected disturbances. We offer flexible and affordable tailor-made classes to enhance performance, improve confidence and develop understanding.

The best resources

In addition to private tuition classes, we offer our students a variety of resources. At Beyond Tuition we have on hand workbooks, CGP books and textbooks, practice papers and books from the exam-board, as well as online resources hand-picked by qualified teachers. Successful techniques will also be taught, allowing students to hone valuable skillsets.

Learn from the very best

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – B Franklin

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