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Membership Terms

Your membership will start from the date of your child’s first lesson and payment will be taken monthly in advance. If you wish to cancel your membership with us, please write to us at least 30 days in advance of the next billing date. All payments will be taken by card or cash.
If payments are not received despite the reminders and notifications, then the contract will be terminated.
Sessions will also run during the school holidays, please note, these sessions will run at different times to term time sessions.  
Tutoring is a weekly commitment so please ensure your child attends on a regular basis (depending on the contract you have signed). Attendance and punctuality will be monitored. If your child’s attendance falls below 75% then the contract will be terminated.

Beyond Tuition ensures that all children leave at the end of the day with a safe adult. We appreciate that for many families, arrangements need to be flexible and there may be a few people who care for a child or even ‘one-off’ arrangements for a pickup. It is therefore necessary for all parents/carers to adhere to the following procedures:
1. Children will only be dismissed when a member of staff is satisfied that it is safe and reasonable to do so.
2. Children will not be released if they are showing signs of anxiety or distress.
3. Children will not be released if a member of staff feels that the parent/carer is not in a fit state to ensure their child’s safety.
4. Members of staff will never take a child home themselves.
5. If a child has not been collected within 15 minutes from the end of their session, the emergency contact will be called.
6. If the child is not collected within 30 minutes from the end of their session, then the parent/carer may be liable to pay an additional fee. The tuition centre may also deem it necessary to contact social care or the Educational welfare officer.
7. Parents/carers must provide clear verbal and written permission (email or text) for the child to be collected from anyone who is not the primary parent/carer.
8. If a member of staff is unsure about the adults identity they may ask to see identification or contact the parent/carer to ask for further guidance.
9. Children who are in year 6 may make their own way home if we are provided with written permission from the parent or guardian.

Beyond Tuition also sets high standards for the behaviour of your child. Students are expected to behave in a respectful way towards staff and other students. If your child behaves in a way which is disruptive or unsafe then the contract may also be terminated.