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KS1 & KS2 English

1. Reading-Word reading
Students will be encouraged to develop their reading skills and to read material consistent to their phonic knowledge as well as words which cannot be decoded using phonics. In this way they will gradually develop a bank of vocabulary.

  2. Reading -Comprehension We aim for students to develop a love for literature. Students will be encouraged to participate in guided reading with others of the same reading ability, for this, one-one reading support will also be given. This will include poems, stories and non-fiction.  

3. Writing- Transcription and composition Students will be asked to compose sentences orally before writing them down. They will also be encouraged to sequence short sentences to form narrations.  

4. Writing-Handwriting Students will be taught to write individual letters correctly and later develop this into joined up handwriting. They will be encouraged to establish good handwriting habits from the beginning.

5. Writing- Vocabulary, punctuation and Grammar Students will be taught to punctuate sentences. They will also be taught how to use sentences in different tenses and forms.

KS3 & KS4 English

1. Reading
We aim to promote and develop the love of reading by getting students to read challenging material of a wide range of genres. We aim to promote a genuine enjoyment and appreciation of literature and of their respective authors. We hope that students will wish to re-read books themselves to increase familiarity with them. Students will no doubt pick up new vocabulary and be able to understand it in a wide range of contexts. For KS4 content we aim to cover literature from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries and for students to make comparisons from different literature and to thoroughly study its social, historical and cultural context and literary tradition to which it belongs.


Students will be asked to write for a wide range of purposes and audiences. We aim to encourage students to be as imaginative as possible for when they write stories, scripts and poetry. It is vital that students are taught skills such as planning, drafting and proof -reading so that they can amend the vocabulary, grammar and structure of their writing to improve its coherence.

3. Grammar and vocabulary 

Students will be taught to analyse challenging material and to study the effectiveness and impact of grammatical features of the texts they read. Students will be encouraged to draw on these features for their own writing and speech. For KS4 we will encourage students to analyse the difference between spoken language and written language including the differences between formal and informal registers and between standard English and other varieties of English.  

4. Spoken English

Students will be placed in small groups during their tuition sessions. They will be encouraged to use standard English confidently in a range of contexts within group discussions, presentations, speeches and debates. Students will be encouraged to listen to and build on the contributions of others, asking questions and challenging considerately when necessary.

Practice makes perfect

In a classroom you are not always given the luxury of time and space. At Beyond Tuition we offer both, so our students can brush up on essential subject matters. Our students are taught at their own pace and without the pressure of prying eyes or unexpected disturbances. We offer flexible and affordable tailor-made classes to enhance performance, improve confidence and develop understanding.

The best resources

In addition to private tuition classes, we offer our students a variety of resources. At Beyond Tuition we have on hand workbooks, CGP books and textbooks, practice papers and books from the exam-board, as well as online resources hand-picked by qualified teachers. Successful techniques will also be taught, allowing students to hone valuable skillsets.

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