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Our Story

Beyond Tuition was founded by two individuals with a passion for education and creating a better future. In this saturated education market we have set out to create a new industry standard for excellence. We live and breathe through the success of our students and our mission is to help build the brightest and proudest minds of tomorrow.

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“Beyond Tuition will settle for nothing less than excellence when it comes to your child’s education .”

Sherry Habib, Co-Founder


Beyond Tuition is a collective of education professionals who want to share their love and passion for learning and thirst for knowledge. We want to help develop the next generation of innovators, creative thinkers and high achievers.


Beyond Tuition offers an engaging and stimulating learning environment for all young students. We promote curiosity, enthusiasm and ambition.
All sessions are catered towards the individual needs of our students with reference to the national curriculum. We ensure that students are taught by expert tutors, who will not only share a fascination of their subject, but also motivate students to reach their full potential.

Our experienced tutors focus on small groups at a time to ensure that your child can increase their knowledge, understanding and skills that will enable them to broaden their horizons Beyond Tuition! 

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Sherry Habib

Founder & Director
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Business Development Manager