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Why is tuition important for your child?

At Beyond Tuition we have more than ten years of combined experience from teaching core subjects within UK schools, we therefore have first-hand experience of the pressure students face in trying to cover vast amounts of content over the course of a term. As a result of this some student’s may not reach their full potential and may wish to secure a deep understanding of a particular concept. The nature of tuition allows for a slower pace of learning so that crucial ideas and skills can become deeply rooted, we will also reinforce any learning which takes place in school by repeating the content which students cover.

Tuition is no longer only for students who require additional support, high attainers may be at risk of ‘coasting’ in school and so extra tuition will ensure they are challenged with masterclasses that cover material in great depth.

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What makes our Tuition Centre different?

  • Tracking and regular reports: All students will undergo regular assessments with their progress being monitored. Parents/carers will be provided with tracking reports at the end of every term.
  • Student-learning profiles: We will create learning profiles for each of our students. This will allow us to identify and monitor their strengths, weaknesses, preferred learning styles and interests. We will use this information to ensure all students are provided with the best possible teaching methods.
  • Tutor-training: All tutors will undergo extensive and regular training sessions so that they can keep up with the latest pedagogy and have an in-depth understanding of the national curriculum.
  • Rewards: At Beyond Tuition we believe it is imperative to recognise and celebrate the success of all our students. We have therefore introduced a merit system which we will use to reward our students.

  • Smaller student-teacher ratio: All sessions will take place in small groups (maximum six students). This will allow us to teach students according to their own specific needs. Students will also be encouraged to engage with their peers so that they can encourage and support one another.
  • Feedback: At Beyond Tuition we recognise how vital it is for students and parents/carers to be provided with meaningful feedback on student progress and next steps for learning. At the end of each session tutors will fill out a feedback form. We will request parents to read this and respond so that there is continuous communication regarding the learning of each child.
  • Homework: Students will be set homework after each session. This will be monitored and marked by our team of tutors.
  • Scholar programme: At Beyond Tuition we recognise that there are gaps in learning between different socio-economic groups of students. In an effort to address this balance we will provide a separate price list for individuals who meet certain conditions.
  • The best resources: At Beyond Tuition we have invested heavily in resources to ensure that our students reach their full potential. We will provide our students withvarious practice test papers, worksheets, worked examples and online resources.


Be a supportive, caring community encompassing a wide range of learners who will be provided with a high-quality supplementary education.

We are dedicated to unlocking academic potential for all learners, so they can achieve individual excellence in a stimulating and enjoyable environment.

Our courses aim to encourage independent thinking, allowing our students to grow, both scholastically and in their personal lives.

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